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Sancreed Records

My thanks go to all those who have taken time to transcribe this information both in this site and to those that are linked. I would especially thank Margaret Owen in Australia for all the work she has done in transcribing the marriages.

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Sancreed War Memorial

Sancreed Marriages 1559 - 1599

Sancreed Marriages 1650 - 1699

Sancreed Marriages 1700 - 1749

Sancreed Marriages 1750 - 1799

Sancreed Marriages 1800 - 1837


Cornwall On-Line Census Project

Sancreed 1841Census

Sancreed / Morvah 1891 Census


Cornwall 1871 Census

U.K. 1881 Census


Wills and Admons for Sancreed


Genuki Parish Page

West Penwith Resources Sancreed Page

  • Online Parish Clerks—Cornwall 

  • Project to aid those who are interested in locating genealogical information in Cornwall. Volunteers freely donate their time and research to help those interested in their parishes. Each has gathered information they consider relevant, and will answer e-mail inquiries. Some have websites and others do not, depending on the nature of their resource materials. If a request exceeds the resources the OPC has, they can often offer research guidance or referrals. For a list of all OPCs, and the parishes they represent, please click on the OPC-Cornwall link above.


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